Iban Wallet explains: what is investing (and what it isn’t)

Much has been said and written on the importance of investing. In both good times and challenging ones, investing remains a central tool for building wealth, across all kinds of individual profiles and financial situations.

For something so important as this, there seem to be a number of misconceptions regarding the nature of the activity. At the end of the day, how many people can actually say they know what investing is?

Put simply, investing can be seen as „the act of allocating resources, usually money, with the expectation of generating an income or profit“. More specifically, it is „the process of buying assets that increase in value over time and provide returns in the form of income payments or capital gains“, „the purchase of securities, real estate, and other items of value in the pursuit of capital gains or income“.

Taking this simple notion as a starting point, there doesn“t appear to be any reason for a great number of people to engage in investments. And yet, 37% of people see investing as risky, and 63% don“t see themselves as investors.

For that reason, Iban Wallet wants to dispel some barriers keeping people from investing, and show what its selection of investment products on its marketplace can do for their financial future, with options starting at just EUR1 and projected interest rates up to 6%.

First and foremost, it should be kept in mind that investing is not gambling.

While at first glance it may appear that way (since it entails allocating money to an outcome in order to gain a profit), gambling is related to mere chance, there being no assets involved that add economic value.

Which is not to say that some people approach financial products with this mindset. After all, these are tools, and there are multiple ways they can be seen and used. Therefore, it is important to follow a sound strategy to maintain growth over time.

However, this doesn“t mean that an extensive and deep technical analysis is necessary.

For instance, it“s not necessary to undertake stock picking to successfully invest one“s funds. Because, and contrary to some beliefs, there is more to investing than only stocks.

There is a wide variety of assets and investment products for a lot of different investor profiles. This can be seen by considering the products available on Iban Wallet“s marketplace, an online financial platform for everyone.

All follow the principles of simplicity and convenience: all that is necessary is to add funds to the desired product. Each is tied to the performance of an aggregate set of loans, each one with its own and individual collateral. This way, it is possible to project an interest rate with stability in mind, as interest generation is updated and visible each day on the user profile.

Stocks hold a central place in the perception of investing due to media coverage (as the news cycle tends to greatly influence equity markets), and also interest from cultural outlets, such as the movie industry.

Major shocks, crashes, and volatility make for better headlines and plots, after all.

This ends up contributing to another misconception on investing. Because investing is not exclusive to those with vast amounts of wealth or that deal with it professionally.

As mentioned, this is an important activity for financial growth and improving one“s future. This is why its democratization as Iban Wallet promotes can have a big and positive impact all around.

On that note, investment products supported by Iban Wallet“s marketplace may help on that front. Not only due to the low capital restrictions to start an investment (EUR1, as per the above), but also due to the variety of term options available. Adding to the starting option of the Account, with no term at all and allowing for withdrawal requests at any time, the offer was adapted to times of pandemic. Terms with 30, 90 and 180 days, and projected rates of 2.6%, 2.7/, and 2.8% respectively.

Investing is becoming more and more available, and that is fortunate. Because widespread growth benefits everyone.

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