Tipp Oil is revolutionizing the oil industry

Tipp Oil is revolutionizing the oil industry

With „Rebottle“ the lubricant specialist Tipp Oil has set up the first deposit system for plastic container bottles.

This step towards environmental protection and sustainability comes from the motor oil manufacturer Tipp Oil. The company, based in Bergkamen, offers motor oils for cars and trucks as well as universal oils for agriculture, construction machinery and gear oils. With the new „Rebottle“ brand, the first deposit system for container bottles made of plastic in Germany has been brought onto the market, said Tipp Oil. At the beginning it applies to all bottles of Tipp Oil, partners worldwide can participate.

And this is how it works: Lubricant suppliers, dealers, shops and petrol station operators can register with Tipp Oil and then purchase rebottle bottles. Containers specially designated for return are set up in the store and the return bottles are collected by partners. Then the bottles are cleaned at Tipp Oil and prepared for recycling. Rebottle customers receive 25 cents for each returnable bottle they collect.

Tipp Oil supplies lubricants and chemical products in more than 50 countries, the advantages of reselling the distributors and customer loyalty are increasing rapidly

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